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Events for International Students: Aug 13-17

Kaplan is running events starting next week called "Grad Degree Series," which seem to be a series of workshops focusing on grad degrees in various fields. Plus, coming up soon is CollegeWeekLive's International Day virtual college fair for international students.

As always, if you attend any of these events, report back and let us know what you learned! (Use the comments, the Facebook page or just email me – And please share any online events you’ve found that we haven’t.

Coming up next week:

August 14

Kaplan: Grad Degree Series - Education
8pm US eastern time
More details:

August 16

Kaplan: Grad Degree Series - Engineering
8pm US eastern time
More details:

Look into the future:

August 22

CollegeWeekLive: International Day
More details:

Sept. 5-6

The Economist: Which MBA? MBA Fair
8pm US eastern time
More details: