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Excessive Heat Warning Issued for Phoenix Area

Leo Block, left, Matari Phason, center, and Brian Juarez push part of a shipment of 20,000 bottles of water donated by Yellow Cab of Phoenix to a local homeless shelter to help prepare for the summer heat in Phoenix, June 14, 2016.

The heat is on for Father's Day in the southwestern U.S., and it is just plain dangerous.

The National Weather Service on Saturday issued an excessive heat warning for all of next week for much of the state of Arizona.

The high temperature for the city of Phoenix was predicted to hit 120 degrees F (49 degrees C) Sunday, and it will not get much cooler for the rest of the week.

Experts warned that the very young and elderly should stay indoors and that anyone who does go outside should be aware of the signs of heat-related sickness: thirst, red skin, cramps and a general feeling of exhaustion.

The city of Phoenix and churches set up shelters for the homeless. Power companies put extra workers on duty to make sure there will be plenty of air conditioning. People were advised not to walk their dogs during the daytime, saying the temperatures of streets and sidewalks could hit a scorching 170 degrees F (76 degrees C).

Metrologists blamed the extreme heat on a strong high-pressure system sitting over parts of the Southwest.