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Exhibition Honoring Nelson Mandela Opens in Johannesburg

A permanent exhibition honoring the legacy of South Africa's first black leader, Nelson Mandela, has opened in Johannesburg.

President Jacob Zuma opened the exhibit Monday which displayed a variety of artifacts related to Mr. Mandela's life including photographs, letters and his Nobel Peace Prize, which he was awarded in 1993 for his fight against apartheid.

Sello Hatang, head of the Nelson Mandela Center of Memory, says the space is meant to allow visitors to reflect on Mr. Mandela's life and legacy.

"One of the things that we're hoping to achieve out of this place is that people would be able to come in, of course by appointment, and they would be able to then look at the exhibition that we've put up and enjoy and reflect on the legacy of Nelson Mandela. And we hope that people would enjoy what we've put up for now, but that we'll keep growing it, and as we grow it, we hope that they'll travel that journey with us."

Earlier Monday, Mr. Zuma visited Mr. Mandela at his home where he is receiving treatment for a recurring lung infection.

A statement from the presidency says he remains in stable, but critical condition.

The 95-year-old Mandela spent 87 days in a Pretoria hospital for his lung problems, a legacy of the nearly three decades he spent in jail as a political prisoner under apartheid.

His former wife Winnie Mandela recently told a local newspaper that he remains quite ill and is unable to speak because of tubes being used to clear fluid from his lungs.

Mandela is revered internationally for his role in ending official racial discrimination and white minority rule.