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Experiment Finds US Capital Least Truthful

HONEST Tea set up unmanned kiosks stocked with drinks and signs offering them for $1 on the honor system in this screen shot from a video released by the company. (Courtesy HONEST TEA®)
We have all heard the calls for honesty and transparency in politics, but it appears the people living in the U.S. political center may not have the same need for truthfulness.

The U.S. beverage company HONEST Tea set up unmanned beverage kiosks in each state and the District of Columbia this July to find out how honest people are when they think no one is looking.

The kiosks had signs asking customers to drop $1 in an honor box when they took a bottle of tea.

The city of Washington was found to be the least honest, with one in five people failing to pay. Alabama and Hawaii were the most honest, with 100 percent of people paying for their beverage.

When it came to physical appearance, blondes were the most honest, while men with newly-grown stubble on their face were the least honest.

In all, 92 percent of Americans in the experiment were truthful enough to pay for their HONEST Tea.