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Explosions in Yemeni Port Kill 5 Near Anti-Terrorism Camp

Aden, Yemen

Two suicide car bomb attacks Saturday on a camp used by anti-terrorism forces in Yemen's port of Aden killed at least five people and wounded several others.

Soldiers were among the five bodies brought to the city's main Juhouriya hospital, according to the Reuters news service, after the attacks on the area known as Gold Mohr in southwestern Aden.

The government of Yemeni President Abd Rabu Mansour Hadi has been struggling to contain separatists in Aden, who have launched attacks on government facilities to try to gain control of the city.

Late Friday, the White House issued a release praising efforts by a coalition led by Saudi Arabia to bring humanitarian aid to Yemen.

Offloading supplies

Friday's release by the Trump administration noted that four World Food Program mobile cranes, funded by the United States, have begun offloading supplies at Yemen's Hudaydah port, as part of the Saudi-led coalition's efforts to alleviate the humanitarian crisis and contribute to Yemen's reconstruction.

The White House statement said the U.S. stood ready to assist Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in expanding Yemenis' access to food and medicine. It also urged ethnic Houthis to work with the international community to make sure supplies are delivered to people in need in Houthi-controlled areas.

The statement also said the United States appreciated "the coalition's willingness to contribute to Yemen's reconstruction, including investment in key ports and transportation infrastructure," as well as to work with the U.N., World Food Program and other nongovernmental agencies "to meet the needs of millions of desperate Yemeni people."

The statement concluded by saying the United States "stands ready to support U.N.-led efforts to achieve peace."