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Fans Injured During Violent Clashes at Euro 2016

Police disperse revellers at the old port of Marseille after the England v. Russia - Group B match.

"Idiotic troublemakers" caused "shameful" violence at football (soccer) games Saturday in two French cities, according to FIFA, the international governing body of the sport.

The International Federation of Association Football strongly condemned the violence.

More than 35 people were injured in Marseille after British and Russian soccer fans brawled in and around the Stade Velodrome. After the European Cup tournament game ended in a tie, Russian supporters charged the English side, forcing fans to flee and climb fences in a desperate bid to escape.

In Nice, violence between Northern Irish football fans and local residents injured seven people.

'Corrective measures' taken

Europe's soccer governing body said it will take "corrective measures" to tighten security at the two stadiums.

The Union of European Football Associations, condemned the violence, stating “people engaging in such violent acts have no place in football.”

The Russian team awaits possible sanctions following the actions of its fans. UEFA said it opened disciplinary proceedings against the Russian Football Federation. Four years ago in Poland, after Russian fans engaged in similar violence at Euro 2012, the team was given a suspended six-point penalty.