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Federal Government Remains Closed After 'Historic' Blizzard; More Snow Forecast

Snow removal crews plowing streets in Washington, DC suburb of Lorton, VA, 8 Feb. 2010

The Federal government is closed Monday following an historic blizzard that struck the Mid-Atlantic region over the weekend.

More than 200,000 federal workers were told to stay home Monday as transportation remains paralyzed by snow and ice.

Forecasters are calling for more snow beginning late Tuesday in addition to the 50 to nearly 100 centimeters of snow already on the ground. Tens of thousands of homes are without power, schools are closed, and airports continue to experience delays and cancellations.

The blizzard slammed Washington, and parts of Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. It was blamed for two deaths in the region.

The storm brought Washington to a halt with around 60 centimeters of snow - one of the largest totals recorded in the U.S. capital.

Washington's underground rail stations are open, but above-ground stations connecting Washington and its suburbs are still snowbound.

Aviation authorities resumed limited flights Sunday at two Washington-area airports, Dulles and Baltimore.

The blizzard is the second to hit the region in less than two months. U.S. President Barack Obama called the storm "Snowmageddon" - a play on words combining "snow" and the apocalyptic event in the Bible known as "Armageddon."