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By the Numbers: 5 Northeast US States Vote Tuesday

A voter is seen at a polling station during the New York primary elections in the Manhattan borough of New York City, April 19, 2016. Many voters in New York state complained of technical problems and disenfranchisement.

On Tuesday, residents in five Northeast U.S. states vote in presidential nominating contests.

Primaries: Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island

Polling station hours (all EDT): Connecticut, 6 a.m.-8 p.m.; Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, 7 a.m.-8 p.m.

Closed vs. open primaries: Four of the Northeast states voting Tuesday hold closed primaries, meaning only those voters who have registered as Democrats or Republicans can vote. Independents cannot vote.

Rhode Island is the only state allowing open voting Tuesday.

Estimated Number of Delegates:

Hillary Clinton: 1,944
Bernie Sanders: 1,192
Needed for nomination: 2,383

At stake Tuesday: 463

Donald Trump:
Ted Cruz: 559
John Kasich: 148
Needed for nomination: 1,237

At stake Tuesday: 172

Latest polling:

A compilation of polls project Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to do well in Tuesday's elections, according to Real Clear Politics.

On the Republican side, Trump is projected to win all five states. Polls show him favored in double-digits over his competitors.

On the Democratic side, Clinton is projected to win over Sanders in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Polls show a tighter race between the two candidates in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Awarding delegates:

Delegates in the Democratic races are awarded proportionately.

Delegates in Tuesday's Republican races are awarded in a hodgepodge fashion.

• In Delaware, all delegates are awarded to the winner.

• In Pennsylvania, where 71 delegates are at stake, 17 delegates are elected without a commitment to a specific candidate. The remaining 54 delegates are free to vote for any at July's Republican National Convention, regardless of who wins the state.

• In Connecticut, Maryland and Rhode Island, Republican delegates are awarded based on statewide results and results from each congressional district.

Campaign cash raised in March:

Hillary Clinton: $27 million
Bernie Sanders: $46 million

Donald Trump: personal loan of $11.5 million
Ted Cruz: $12.5 million
John Kasich: $4.5 million

Remaining primaries/caucuses:

May 3: Indiana
May 7: Guam, Democratic caucus
May 10: Nebraska, Republican primary
May 17: Kentucky Democratic primary; Oregon
May 24: Washington state, Republican primary
June 4: Virgin Islands, Democratic caucus
June 5: Puerto Rico, Democratic caucus
June 7: California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota (Democratic caucus), South Dakota
June 14: District of Columbia, Democratic caucus


Republican National Convention, Cleveland, July 18-21

Democratic National Convention, Philadelphia, July 25-28

Sources: Presidential Election News website, AP, Reuters, Federal Election Commission, Real Clear Politics website

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