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Floods Hit Kashmir

Kashmiri men assist a woman and a child to evacuate from a flooded area in Srinagar, Indian-controlled Kashmir, Monday, March 30, 2015.

Heavy rains have caused floods in several areas of Kashmir.

Authorities have issued alerts and have advised people to move to higher ground.

Rescue workers evacuated hundreds of people in Srinagar, the main city of Indian-controlled Kashmir, as the Jhelum River swelled to dangerously high levels.

At least two houses in the region have been buried in mud.

Hundreds of people died in floods in Kashmir last year and thousands were left homeless.

"Since yesterday we have been requesting the government to please rescue us. You just saw how we rescued the sick woman. No one from the government has come to see us,” said one local resident.

"My house has been submerged, last year also it was submerged and today again. I feel helpless," said another.