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Former Egyptian Police Officers Set Fires in Protest

Egyptian army soldiers fight a fire believe to be set by hundreds of low-ranking police at a part of the security headquarters in Cairo, Egypt, February 23, 2011

Security officials in Egypt say former police officers protesting their dismissal have set fire to part of the Interior Ministry in Cairo.

The officials say the former officers, who want to be reinstated, hurled firebombs at the facility Wednesday and also set several vehicles on fire.

The Washington Post reports the protest could be a reaction to last week's announcement from Egypt's interim government that police dismissed within the past year would be rehired. The protesting officers may have lost their jobs more than a year ago.

The Interior Ministry is near Tahrir Square, the heart of anti-government protests that led to this month's resignation of President Hosni Mubarak. Egypt's military rulers, who have temporarily taken control, have pledged to hold parliamentary and presidential elections within six months.

The interim government has been dealing with labor unrest, however, including strikes by thousands of textile workers demanding better pay and work conditions.

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