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Former Vatican Official Charged With Money Laundering

لوران فابیوس وزیر خارجه فرانسه در حال ورود به محل برگزاری مذاکرات اتمی در هتل بوریواژ در لوزان سوئیس- شنبه ۸ فروردین ۱۳۹۴
A former Vatican monsignor on trial for an alleged plot to smuggle $26 million from Switzerland to Italy has been further charged with using his Vatican accounts to launder money.

The lawyer for Nunzio Scarano says his client is suspected of money laundering and making false statements. He is already being tried for the alleged plot to move millions of dollars in what police say were "false donations" to charity from offshore companies. They say the money was routed into his accounts at the Vatican bank on its intended path to a group of Italian shipbuilders.

Scarano, who is in poor health, is being held under house arrest in Salerno, in southern Italy.