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Four Libyan Ministers in UN-backed Government Dismissed for No-show


The United Nations-brokered presidency council in Libya has dismissed four ministers, all of whom are from the discontented eastern region, for failing to attend meetings for a month.

The presidency council — an executive body — said Friday it considered the absence of the ministers of economy, national reconciliation, justice and finance as "resignation by default."

The finance minister Fakher bu-Farnah turned down the role when he was appointed in February, but was retained anyway.

Their dismissal underscores Libya's persistent political rift between the eastern and western ruling bodies.

The council was formed following a U.N.-brokered deal between rival political factions in December. The council's proposed government, composed of 13 ministers, has failed to win a vote of confidence by the internationally-recognized parliament in eastern Libya, in effect crippling it.