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Islamic State Hacks French TV5

A computer screen is pictured at TV5 Monde after the French television network was hacked by people claiming allegiance to the Islamic State group, in Paris, France, April 9, 2015.

A French television channel says it was hacked Wednesday by operators claiming to be part of the Islamic State terrorist group.

The director of French-language TV5 Monde, Yves Bigot, said TV5 lost control of its TV station, website, and social media accounts. Television programming was back on the air within a few hours, but the website's operations were still on hold early Thursday morning.

The hackers posted images of masked men on the TV5 Facebook page, warning French soldiers not to join military operations against the Islamic State. They posted ID cards that they said belonged to French soldiers involved in anti-IS operations.

The hackers also accused French President Francois Hollande of committing "an unforgivable mistake" and participating in "a war that serves no purpose."

TV5 Monde is owned by a group of French-language broadcasters in Europe and Canada. The French government is supportive of the United States' military campaign against the Islamic State.