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Getting into the Halloween Spirit; Skeeball, Costumes, Beer

Getting into the Halloween Spirit; Skeeball, Costumes, Beer
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October 31 is Halloween in the United States. And that means costumes and knocking on neighbors’ doors for candy. That's mostly for children, but adults get into the spirit, too. Except, for them it’s more like costumes, alcohol and winding down from their stressful jobs. So when United Social Sports, a group that offers sports and competitions for adults, announced a costumed Spirit Week, it was hard for some members to resist getting dressed up.

The game is called Skeeball.

It’s like bowling but each hole the ball goes into has a different point value. But if you think that’s what tonight is all about… you are off the mark.

The night is one of six in a season.

Costumed teams compete for a chance to win a $300 bar tab awarded to the best-dressed squad. But these folks didn't need the incentive to dress up.

Taking a night off is what this holiday is all about.

Organizers seem happy with the turnout. Dan Shank hosts the Skeeball tournament.
“Eighty percent of the teams this week came out in some sort of costume, which is really nice to see. It gets everybody else in the bar excited," he explained.

And that's the idea behind the Halloween soiree. Meet some people. Share some drinks. Play some games and hopefully get some rest… before the sun rises … and they’re back to their real lives.