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Ghana Set to Elect President, Parliament

A man walk past election campaign flags on a street in Accra, Ghana, Dec. 6, 2016. Polls will open Dec. 7 at 0700 UTC.

Excitement is building in Ghana's capital as the West African country prepares to elect a president and parliament on Wednesday.

Although campaigning by the political parties has officially ended the streets of Accra are adorned with colorful, predominantly promoting the ruling NDC party or the main opposition NPP.

President John Drahami Mahama is seeking a full term after taking over from John Atta Mills, who died in 2012. Mahama will face opposition leader Nana Akufo-Addo.

Accra resident Kwasi Nantwi said he is excited to vote, but suggests he will not cast his ballot for the current president.

"I am excited because we have gone through four years of many troubles, particularly the economy and that is what excites me, that I am going to cast my vote for change," Nantwi said.

Importer Frank Boamah said he is also seeking change.

“The election is all about the economy to me. Because as a businessman all I am looking for is for the economy to be good so that I can import more, get money so things will be okay with me. We need people here to buy the goods from us so the money can stay in the country…. [My goods] that I brought in they are not buying. I am not going to keep this president,” Boamah said.

Another Accra resident of the capital city, Bright Coker, said he will vote for Mahama.

"I want him to continue, because if we change him for now, for Ghana, you know, if we change our government, the infrastructure of the policy the government is doing, it will [be at] stake," Coker said.

Voting begins 0700 UTC and ends at 1700 UTC Wednesday. The electoral commission says official results will be announced at most 72 hours after the polls close.