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Ghana Training Police Officers against Terrorist Threats

Ghana's military and police maintained order in 2012 elections. The police are now training a special anti-terrorism unit.
Ghana's military and police maintained order in 2012 elections. The police are now training a special anti-terrorism unit.
Ghana’s police have launched a training program for officers to combat terrorism, according to Chief Superintendent Hamza Yakubu, the commanding officer of the Formed Police Unit (FPU).

“With the recent happenings in Africa, the police administration thought it necessary to beef up the capabilities of our personnel. That answers the reasons why we have to embark upon the recent specialized training exercise we conducted in the Volta region for our personnel,” said Yakubu.

Yakubu said that the newly trained officers are highly motivated but need cooperation from citizens to effectively thwart terrorist attacks.

“We are asking Ghanaians to be rest assured that we are adequately prepared, adequately trained, adequately equipped to respond to any incident,” said Yakubu.

The FPU police officers, Yakubu said, have also been trained to use non-lethal weapons for crowd control and rescue missions.

His comments followed the graduation of 140 police personnel from a specialized training course.

Yakubu said this first group of police officers is from all 10 regions of the country.

“What we expect is that as they go back to their respective regions, they will start training people on a small scale, while the [police] administration takes steps to conduct the full basic training,” said Yakubu. “In fact, it might include some foreign training for a selected few to get them in readiness for any mishap that might befall us as a country.”

Yakubu said the police administration plans to soon turn a police training facility in the Upper East region into a school for security training.

“It will be a specialized public order management school. But, then we have some key personalities who will be privileged enough to have some training outside the shores of this country and as we get on we would expect to get a few more out there to train.”

Yakubu said the police administration has also implemented other programs and measures to train officers to be proactive when it comes to their duties.

“In fact, the policing system that has been put in place of late is actually in the direction of being pro-active,” said Yakubu. “The police administration has decided that we do not need to let any mishap befall us as a country before we take steps to bring sanity to the system. Everything about us now is about being proactive.”

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