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Greenpeace 'Resist' Banner Flies in Protest of Trump, Pipelines

  • Associated Press

A banner unfurled by Greenpeace demonstrators that reads "Resist" is seen at the construction site of the former Washington Post building, near the White House in Washington, Jan. 25, 2017, after police say protesters climbed a crane at the site refusing to allow workers to work in the area.

Protesters with the environmental group Greenpeace climbed a crane at a construction site a few blocks from the White House Wednesday morning and unfurled a massive banner with the word "RESIST."

A District of Columbia police spokeswoman says the seven people who climbed the 270-foot crane would be arrested when they climbed down with the banner later Wednesday afternoon. Police will consult with prosecutors on charges.

Greenpeace says the activists are protesting President Donald Trump's agenda, particularly his push to restart two major pipeline projects.

For several hours Wednesday, the banner they unfurled could be seen from the White House, and from farther away, appeared to hang above the presidential residence.

Capt. Robert Glover of the Metropolitan Police Department told reporters Wednesday morning that officers were called to the area of 15th and L streets and found people who weren't authorized to be at the site attached to the crane.