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Guinea's President Dismisses Election Fraud Allegations

Guinea's President Alpha Conde poses during an interview in Conakry, Oct. 8, 2013.
Guinea's president has dismissed accusations of fraud in last month's legislative polls, calling them "political rhetoric."

President Alpha Conde also said he will not allow any group to destabilize the country.

The president commented Tuesday through his spokesperson, Rachid Nadiye.

Nadiye said in an interview with VOA that Conde had urged opposition leaders to seek legal action and have their election grievances addressed in court.

The September 28 polling was intended to complete a political transition in Guinea that began with the democratic election of Conde in 2010.

Partial results, released last week, indicated the president's Rally of the Guinean People party had taken a lead in several districts.

The opposition, however, rejected those results and called for the annulment of the elections. The parties threatened mass protests if the results were not invalidated.

The opposition said the polling was marred by "massive fraud," which included ballot stuffing and substitutions of vote counts.

Earlier this week, opposition parties announced they had walked out of United Nations-mediated political talks with the government as a further show of discontent.

Some 1,700 candidates are seeking the 114 seats in Guinea's national assembly.

September's election had been postponed repeatedly over the past two years, in part due to violent clashes and the threat of more trouble if the vote went ahead.