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Heart Making Successful Comeback With New Album

  • Mary Morningstar

Heart Making Successful Comeback With New Album

Heart was one of the most popular rock bands of the 1980s. The group is making a successful comeback with its new album, "Red Velvet Car."

"Red Velvet Car" entered the Billboard 200 at Number 10, and the Rock Albums chart at Number 3 to become the group's highest debut ever.

Heart is led by sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson, who are now 60 and 57 years old, respectively. They grew up in San Diego, California, and Taiwan before settling with their family in Seattle, Washington. Ann and Nancy began performing together in various bands in the 1960s. They formed Heart after moving to Canada in the early-1970s. The band's 1976 debut album, "Dreamboat Annie," sold more than one million copies in the United States.

Considered pioneers for women in rock, Heart's many hits during the 1980s included "What About Love," "Never" and "All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You." They reached Number One with two songs, "These Dreams" and "Alone."

Critical response to Heart's new album has been universally positive. Rolling Stone wrote, "The barracudas are back and at the top of their game." And, a music critic at said, "In the five years that I've been writing these reviews, I have only given one perfect score. I hereby award the second one to Heart for 'Red Velvet Car.'"

Nancy wrote one track on the album as a birthday present for Ann. It's called "Sunflower."

Heart appeared on the recent multi-artist Lilith Fair tour and is currently performing its own U.S. concerts to support "Red Velvet Car."

The album's debut single marks the band's first chart hit since 2004.