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Clinton Holds Final, Virtual Town Hall Meeting

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton adjusts her glasses during a 'Global Townterview' at the Newseum, Washington, Jan. 29, 2013.
Outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took questions via Twitter and Facebook from around the world as part of a moderated "Global Townterview" held Tuesday at the Newseum, in Washington, D.C.
Clinton, who steps down Friday, answered questions from participants in Australia, Britain, Colombia, Japan, India, and Nigeria, and discussed topics ranging from women rights to international relations during her final question and answer session as the top U.S. diplomat.
She said the loss of American lives in Benghazi, Libya, is something she deeply regrets, and that she is working to prevent such incidents in the future.
Clinton said the United States wants to deepen and broaden engagement with China.
She said creating a positive relationship with Russia is going to have to be a mutual effort between Europe and the United States, and that creating a good relationship with Russia is "challenging right now."
She applauded improved security and democracy in Latin America, and said African cooperation on Somalia and success in pushing Al-Shabaab out of key cities is example of what the United States wants for Africa.
The former first lady also addressed a double standard with women around the world, saying society is hurting itself by putting barriers in the way of women. She said it is important that women are out in the world competing at the highest level.
Clinton, who said she will write a memoir, responded with laughter to a comment about possible presidential aspirations for 2016.
John Kerry, a senator from Massachusetts, is taking over for Clinton as secretary of state.