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Hollywood Gowns in LA Shops on Sale

The Address Boutique specializes in second hand designer clothing from some of the wealthiest people in the United States, many of them movie stars

Los Angeles is known for Hollywood's film stars and the expensive designer clothes they wear on the red carpet and off. While most people only see the glamorous outfits on TV during the Oscars, visitors and residents of LA can own clothing once worn by a celebrity, for a fraction of the original price.

This may look like just another clothing store from the outside, but customers who come in say it is anything but ordinary.

Treasure seekers like Elizabeth Kaye come to The Address Boutique to find second hand designer clothing from some of the wealthiest people in the United States, many of them movie stars.

The boutique's owner Maureen Clavin has been helping the rich and famous sell their clothes since the early sixties.

"I go to their homes or their assistants bring things in or they come in," said Clavin. "I write down the prices so there are no surprises. As the clothes are sold I send them a check."

Many celebrities choose to donate part or all of their share of the money to charity.

Longtime customer Elizabeth Kaye says she used to shop retail and pay full price for designer brands. But when she discovered this second hand boutique, paying full price just didn't make sense.

"When I came in here and saw that you can get the most amazing things that nobody else had at these kinds of prices I was just stunned," said Kaye.

Store owner Clavin echoed that sentiment.

"Rather than spend $1,600 for something, even if they spend $300 or $400, they're getting a really, really good buy," Clavin added.

But for shoppers with a smaller budget, there is also the $20 rack where it is buy one get one free.

Bargain hunters and movie fans can also wear a bit of Hollywood by shopping at this store called It's A Wrap. It is named after the phrase used by movie directors at the end of a shoot. The clothes here were once worn by actors on TV and in movies.

"When they shoot TV shows, films, they have all [of] this wardrobe that they don't know what to do with," explained store manager David Bright. "So we're a service for them and we get it out of their warehouse and studio space and we sell it back to the public."

Bright says the clothes are sold at 50 to more than 75 percent off the retail price. And customers can tell which film or TV show the item came from by reading the tags on the clothing.

"I have actually bought a sweater worn by one of the stars," noted shopper Sherrie Goldman. Goldman says she doesn't just find bargains, sometimes she finds a designer label that gives her quality without costing her much.

"This is definitely for the person with the skinny pocketbook, but big desires," Goldman added.

These shoppers say the desire to dress like the stars without having to pay top prices is possible with patience and a little luck.