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How to Study Philosophy at China

  • Jessica Stahl

Want to get the benefits of a U.S. education, but can't spend years in the States? The Christian Science Monitor reports that many Chinese students are auditing courses from top American universities online.
The foreign courses are popular, say Chinese fans, because they go beyond the standard Chinese university fare. “There is nothing like this in China” says Zhao [Xing, a young public relations executive who established the “Get Up Early in the Morning and Take an Online Course Each Day” group on Douban]. “Classes here are just about academic things. There is nothing for the heart.”

'Digital Confucius' introduces Chinese students to liberal arts at Yale and beyond, Christian Science Monitor

On the draw of philosophy and the humanities, Lubna Anwar, an EducationUSA advisor in Pakistan, writes about why she encourages students to pursue a liberal arts education in the States if they're unsure about their career path.

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