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13th Human Foot Washes Up on British Columbia Shores

Children climb on a large piece of driftwood along the beach of Ambleside Park in West Vancouver, British Columbia, March 25, 2013. A man walking his dog on a Vancouver beach discovered a sneaker-clad foot Wednesday, the 13th severed extremity to wash ashore in British Columbia since 2007.

A severed foot washed up on the shores of Vancouver, British Columbia, Wednesday, the 13th in a string of severed feet discovered in the city over the past decade.

The sneaker-clad foot was discovered by a man walking his dog. The foot is in the custody of coroner Andy Watson, who has been investigating the mystery of the severed extremities since the first one was found in 2007. Of the past dozen feet, eight have been identified as belonging to six people.

In recent interviews, Watson said there was no evidence of foul play in any of the cases in which the body part was identified. He said that limbs can naturally separate from a body when it is submerged in the ocean.

Nevertheless, conspiracy theories abound. Pranksters have even taken to planting animal feet in sneakers on the beach.

Meanwhile, Watson continues to search for the owners of the remaining unidentified feet.