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Humorous Muslim Film Ads Go Up in NYC Subway Stations

Comedians and makers of the documentary film "The Muslims are Coming" Dean Obeidallah (L) and Negin Farsad are pictured during an interview with Reuters outside a subway station in the Manhattan borough of New York City, March 7, 2016.

A series of humorous ads promoting a film about Muslims are appearing in New York City subway stations five months after a federal judge ruled the ads should go up.

The MTA said the ads for the 2013 film "The Muslims Are Coming!'' violated its ban on political ads.

But Judge Colleen McMahon ruled in October that the ads were not primarily political.

The series of six ads started going up Monday.

One ad reads "Those Terrorists Are All Muslim." The word "Muslim'' is crossed out and replaced with "Nutjobs.''

One of the creators of the ads, comedian Dean Obeidallah, says he's happy that "funny ads about Muslims'' are finally up in the subways.

MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz says the authority decided not to appeal the judge's ruling.