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Hungarian PM Orban Re-Elected

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban waves to supporters after partial results of parliamentary elections are announced in Budapest April 6, 2014.
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban won another four-year term after Sunday's parliamentary election which also saw gains by the far right.

With almost all the votes counted, Orban's Fidesz Party and its allied Christian Democrats will likely end up with 133 seats in the 199 seat parliament.

The jubilant prime minister claimed victory, saying Hungary is again a place where it is worth living and raising a family.

The right-wing Jobbik Party is expected to control at least 23 seats -- a gain from the last parliament.

Critics across Europe have accused Jobbik of anti-Semitism and stirring up violence against Hungarian Roma.

Hungarian voters have credited Prime Minister Orban with reviving the stagnant economy, cutting unemployment, and lowering energy prices.

However, the opposition accuses him of scaring off investors and cracking down on journalists who do not fully support his policies.