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Inachu Describes Why Culture Shock is a Good Thing

Last week Phileas described how international students sometimes isolate themselves, even from other international students. But Inachu wrote in to say that there's so much to be learned from other students while in the U.S., including from the other international students. Here's why Inachu says culture shock, and going out of your comfort zone, is so important:
Yes indeed there is culture shock, and I love culture shock because you get to see how other humans live their lives and what they consider to be normal, everyday events.

Most of my Korean friends preferred eating with metal chopsticks while my Chinese and Japanese friends preferred bamboo.

They all said I was rude for telling a waitress, "No more water, please," which made her upset. They said that if you do not want any more water then just do not drink it.

In the USA they take meat from the bone but my Taiwanese friends love to cut into the bone and cook the bone along with the meat. To me that is very strange, but I do say that my new delight is eating bone marrow! It is so tasty!

Have you had an experience with culture shock? Was it a good thing or a bad thing? Share your story in the comments, or by using the form below.