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India: 28 Suspected Somali Pirates Captured

Indian police officials escort alleged pirates at a police station in Mumbai, India (File Photo - January 31, 2011).

India's military says it has captured 28 suspected Somali pirates on a ship in the Indian Ocean, after a brief clash.

A defense spokesman says navy and coast guard ships chased two small pirate boats to the main vessel, after the pirates tried to hijack a Greek-flagged merchant ship.

Captain M. Nambiar says the mothership, which was captured early Sunday, was a Thai fishing vessel that had been seized about six months ago.

Authorities say the pirates fired on the military ships, which returned fire. After a brief battle, officials say, the pirates hoisted a white flag and surrendered.

Military officials say they rescued 24 crew members who were still on board the seized Prantalay 11.

The suspects have been taken to Mumbai for questioning.

Earlier this month, India charged 15 Africans with attempted murder and other crimes for allegedly trying to hijack another Thai fishing boat near the Lakshadweep Islands.