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India's Jat Caste Clashes With Security Forces

  • VOA News

Protestors of India's Jat agricultural community block a highway linking New Delhi to Rohtak at Bahadurgarh, Haryana state, India, Feb.20, 2016.

Members of an Indian caste, demanding better work and educational opportunities, are clashing with security forces in a northern state near New Delhi.

Officials say at least one person has been killed in the demonstrations that have been raging for several days in Haryana state.

Authorities have enforced curfews in some areas and have instructed security forces to shoot protesters without warning.

"Three rail stations were burnt down and several kilometers of track have been damaged," a spokesman for Indian Railways told the French news agency AFP.

The demonstrators are members of the Jat caste. They are demanding benefits both at the federal and state levels, including guaranteed government jobs and university placement.

Yashapal Malik, the president of a national Jat organization said "The protest will only end when government accepts our demands."