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US Internet Giants, EU Reach Deal to Combat Online Hate Speech

FILE - A screen grab of a hacked Facebook page of a French television network is seen on a camera viewer in Paris, April 9, 2015. U.S. Internet giants reached a deal with the EU Tuesday on ways to quickly tackle instances of online hate speech.

U.S. Internet giants reached an agreement with the European Union Tuesday on ways to tackle instances of online hate speech within 24 hours.

Some of the world's biggest social media firms, Facebook, Twitter, Google and Microsoft, have committed to “quickly and efficiently” act to combat the use of social media by terrorists to spread hatred against anyone over issues of race, color, religion, descent or national or ethnic origin.

The companies’ platforms and services have often been used by terrorist organizations to convey messages and entice hatred against certain individuals or groups, and recruit supporters around the world.

Under terms of a code of conduct agreed to with the EU's executive arm, the firms have pledged to establish internal procedures and staff training to guarantee that a majority of illegal content is assessed and, where necessary, removed within 24 hours.