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US Internet Pioneer McAfee Rushed to Guatemalan Hospital

In this image released by Guatemala's National Police, software company founder John McAfee is pictured after being arrested for entering the country illegally in Guatemala City, December 5, 2012.
Fugitive U.S. technology entrepreneur John McAfee, wanted for questioning in Belize, was rushed to a hospital in Guatemala Thursday shortly after its government refused to grant him asylum.
McAfee's lawyer says he is suffering from stress and high blood pressure, and did not have a heart attack as earlier suspected. McAfee has returned to his cottage run by Guatemalan authorities, awaiting his return to Belize.
Police arrested McAfee Wednesday for illegally entering Guatemala. They accuse him of trying to avoid questioning about the murder of his neighbor in Belize, where he has been living.
A look at recent events involving John McAfee:

  • Dec. 2012: Arrested in Guatemala for illegally entering country
  • Nov. 2012: Goes into hiding after being sought by police in Belize
  • Nov. 2012: Police seek to question McAfee about death of neighbor, Gregory Viant Faull
  • About 2009, McAfee moves to Belize, frequently clashes with Faull
Guatemalan Immigration spokesperson Luis Fernando Lucero said, "As per our immigration regulations, what is happening now is that he is under guard while the following procedure is being worked out. In this case it could be deportation.''
McAfee has said his life would be in danger in Belize. Police say he is only a person of interest and not a prime suspect in the murder.

"Seven months ago the Belizean government sent 42 armed soldiers into my property. They killed one of my dogs, they broke into all of my houses, they stole, they arrested me and kept me handcuffed in the sun for 14 hours. I was taken to jail and it was only the intervention of the U.S. Embassy that got me out of jail. Since that time I have been continually harassed by the government," said McAfee.
McAfee made a personal fortune after designing the popular anti-virus software program named after him. He sold his stake in the company several years ago, but has since lost much of his money to bad investments.
Neighbors say McAfee's behavior has become manic and eccentric.