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Iran Angry Over Star of David on Airline Building

A Star of David on the roof of the Iran Air building in Tehran, revealed in a satellite image

Iranian media reports say officials are calling for the removal of a Star of David painted on the roof of the headquarters of the country's national airline, after the Jewish symbol was revealed in a satellite image.

The reports say Internet media giant Google took the image of the building, which was reportedly "built by Israeli engineers" who worked in Iran before the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Describing the star as a "Zionist" symbol, an Iranian website said it is "interesting" that more than 30 years after the revolution, the depiction has yet to be removed.

Israel and Iran traded arms and oil before the revolution, but their relationship has deteriorated. Iran frequently expresses a desire to destroy the Jewish state.

Israeli news site says this is not the first time a symbol associated with Judaism has sparked outrage in Iran. The site says hundreds of Stars of David spotted in August on a building in a main square in Tehran prompted an uproar in Iranian media.

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