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Iran Arrests 230 Young Partygoers for Drinking, Dancing

Iranian customers buy sweets and nuts in at a shop for the Yalda feast, an all-night celebrations of the longest night of the year, in Tehran, Iran, Dec. 21, 2011. This year 230 young men and women were arrested at two parties where alcohol was being served.

Officials in Iran have arrested 230 young men and women at two parties in the capital Tehran where alcohol was being served, according to Iran’s semi-official ISNA news agency.

ISNA reported Friday that the young partygoers were arrested on charges of drinking alcoholic drinks and dancing in mixed parties.

Drinking alcohol and attending parties of unrelated men and women is illegal in Iran.

The report said two singers who were performing at the parties in northern Tehran were also arrested and some alcoholic drinks and drugs were confiscated.

It said police learned of the parties, which were in celebration of the winter solstice, from invitations posted on Instagram.

The shortest of the day of the year, or the winter solstice, is a traditional day of celebration in Iran, known as Yalda.