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Iran Successfully Tests Ballistic Missile


Iran's Khoramshahr missile is displayed by the Revolutionary Guard during a military parade marking the 37th anniversary of Iraq's 1980 invasion of Iran, in front of the shrine of late revolutionary founder Ayatollah Khomeini, near Tehran, Iran, Sept. 22,

State media says Iran has successfully tested a new, medium-range, ballistic missile that was on display in a military parade Friday.

State television aired footage of the test and in-flight video from the nose cone on Saturday.

It was not clear, however, when and where the test launch of the Khorramshahr missile was conducted. The missile has a range of 2,000 kilometers and has the capacity to carry several warheads.

President Hassan Rouhani said Friday at the military parade that Iran would strengthen its missile program without seeking any country's permission.

Washington is not likely to be pleased with any new missile test.

Iran has entered a deal with six world powers - Russia, China, France, Germany Britain and the U.S. - to limit its nuclear program.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said recently that Iran is "clearly in default"of expectations under its 2015 nuclear accord. .

While international inspectors have found Iran is meeting requirements to limit its nuclear program, Tillerson has said that Iran is violating language about regional peace and security, citing Iran's ballistic missile program and its support for Syria's President Bashar al-Asad.