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Iran TV: British-Linked Terrorists Arrested

Iranian state television says authorities have arrested four men described as "British-linked terrorists." The men are accused of being assassins for the Kurdish group Komala.

According to state media, Iran's intelligence ministry says the four men carried out five assassinations in the past two years. They are said to have confessed to be working on orders from Jalil Fattahi, reported to be living in the United Kingdom.

State television says Fattahi is a leader of Komala, a leftist Kurdish militant group that has been working against Iran's Islamic government for years.

The intelligence ministry says the men also confessed to receiving their orders in Sulaimaniya, in Iraqi Kurdistan, and were given weapons and cash on the Iran-Iraq border.

Intelligence officials said Britain not only has been spying inside Iran, but has funded what they called terrorist groups.

Britain's Foreign Office called the Iranian allegations unfounded, and countered that the charge of supporting terrorism was part of a "long line of slurs" against Britain.