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Iranians Online Welcome Nuclear Deal

This image made from video broadcast on Press TV, Iran's English language state-run channel shows President Hassan Rouhani making a statement in Tehran following announcement of the Iran nuclear deal, July 14, 2015.

Iranian citizens appeared to welcome Tuesday's nuclear agreement, despite not having the spontaneous street celebrations present after a preliminary agreement was announced earlier this year.

Soaring temperatures amid the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan kept many indoors, and glued to their television sets as details of the deal were immediately announced.

Later as the sun set, however, many took to the streets to celebrate the deal.

In Tehran's Vali-e Asr square, hundreds could seen clapping and cheering as cars drove by honking their horns.

Crowds waving Iranian flags gathered in other areas throughout the capital.

On the popular microblogging site Twitter, the hashtag 'IranWinsPeace' was trending with many people in the country.

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