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Iranians Sentenced in Thai Court for Explosives Possession

Thailand has sentenced two Iranian men to prison for involvement in a foiled bombing plot.

A court in Bangkok on Thursday sentenced 29-year-old Saeid Moradi to life in prison for attempted murder and possession of explosives that damaged property. The other defendant, 43-year-old Mohammad Kharzei, was given 15 years in prison for possessing explosives.

Both suspects had denied the charges.

The men were arrested in February 2012 after explosives in their home unexpectedly detonated, blowing the building apart and driving the men into the streets. Moradi is accused of carrying explosives with him into the street, where he tried to throw them at police. Instead they detonated, blowing his legs off.

Another suspect is in custody in Malaysia, where he is believed to have fled after the explosion in Bangkok.

Israeli and Thai officials say the explosives were meant to be part of a terror campaign against Israeli diplomatic officials, but the charges did not address that issue.