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Iraqi Jet Kills 7 in Baghdad Accidental Bombing

A man carries an injured child found in the rubble after an Iraqi Sukhoi jet accidentally dropped a bomb in Ni'iriya, an eastern neighborhood in Baghdad, July 6, 2015..

An Iraqi jet dropped a bomb on an eastern Baghdad neighborhood Monday, killing at least seven people in what the military described as an accident.

A spokesman said the Russian-made Sukhoi jet had a technical failure that caused it to drop the bomb as it returned to base. The resulting blast destroyed several houses and also injured at least 11 people in Baghdad's Ni'iriya district.

The plane was taking part in airstrikes targeting the Islamic State group, which seized large areas of northern and western Iraq last year.

Iraq's military has been conducting the airstrikes along with a U.S.-led coalition, while also sending its troops backed by local militia fighters and those from Iran to try to reclaim territory from the militants.

The pro-government forces have made some progress, but the militants still control much of the captured territory, including several major cities.