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Manhunt for Palestinian Suspected of Killing 2 Israeli Factory Workers

Israeli forces block the road outside a factory where a Palestinian reportedly opened fire and seriously wounded three Israelis, at Barkan Industrial Zone in the occupied West Bank, Oct. 7, 2018.

A manhunt is under way in Israel for a Palestinian suspected of shooting to death two Israelis and seriously wounding a third in a West Bank industrial zone.

Security forces have identified the suspect as 23-year-old Ashraf Naalwa, a worker at the Barkan industrial zone. They said they consider him to be armed and dangerous.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Sunday's shooting an act of terrorism.

But an army spokesman said other factors were involved. He did not elaborate. Others in the zone say the shooting may have been a workplace dispute by a disgruntled employee.

Details on exactly what happened are unclear. But closed-circuit television pictures show a man carrying a handgun fleeing down a staircase while bystanders stood by.

The Barkan industrial zone is located between a Jewish settlement and a Palestinian village in the West Bank.

Thousands of Jews and Palestinians work side by side in the zone's numerous factories. Israel takes pride in pointing to the zone as a sign of cooperation and harmony.