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Israeli Extremist Released from 'Administrative Detention'

FILE - Jewish extremist Meir Ettinger appears in court in Nazareth Illit, Israel.

Israel released a Jewish extremist Wednesday after he had been detained for 10 months without trial.

Meir Ettinger was arrested last year after a fire killed three people, including a toddler, in their home in the West Bank. Ettinger was one among multiple extremists detained without trial following the tragedy, under "administrative detention" - a measure most often used by Israel on Palestinians suspected of militant activity.

The Shin Bet internal security agency, which was responsible for his internment, declined to say why he was being released, but confirmed that his ten months in administrative detention marked the longest such sentence served by a Jew.

One man and a minor have since been charged for the arson.

Meir Ettinger is the grandson of the Meir Kahane - the far-right wing rabbi who demanded all Arabs and Palestinians get out of Israel. Kahane was shot to death in New York in 1990.

Israeli security agents arrested multiple right-wing Jews last August as part of the promised crackdown on Jewish extremists after the arson attack.