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Italian Prosecutors Allege Berlusconi Paid for Prostitutes

A November 2010 file photo of a Moroccan girl nicknamed Ruby, alleged to have received payment from PM Berlusconi in return for sex, at a party at a Genoa disco

Italian prosecutors allege that Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi had sex with a "significant" number of prostitutes and paid them with cash and rent-free apartments.

Prosecutors released documents Monday of their investigation into whether Berlusconi paid for sex with an underage nightclub dancer known as Ruby.

Prostitution is legal in Italy, but not with minors younger than 18.

Ruby, a Moroccan national whose real name is Karima El Mahroug, was 17 when she visited the prime minister's villa in Milan several times in 2010.

Berlusconi and El Mahroug both deny they had sex, although the woman has said she accepted more than $9,000 after attending a party at his home.

Berlusconi denies the accusations and said he has never paid anyone for sex.

Last week, Italy's top court struck down part of a law giving the prime minister and other Cabinet members blanket immunity from prosecution.

Berlusconi's wife filed for divorce in 2009, alleging he was "frequenting minors."