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Journalists Accuse N. Korea of Interfering With Reunion Coverage

FILE - South Korean Kwon O-Hui, left, cries with her North Korean relative Ri Han-Sik as they bid farewell following their three-day family reunion at the Mount Kumgang resort on the North's southeastern coast, Oct. 22, 2015.

South Korean journalists who covered the recent inter-Korean family reunion in North Korea criticized Pyongyang for inspecting the journalists’ laptops excessively during the event.

In a rare move, the South Korean Unification Ministry press corps Tuesday publicly accused Pyongyang of interfering with its coverage of the event.

“North Korea should immediately stop unjustifiable meddling over the South Korean press. It would be a great mistake for North Korea to believe it can control the South Korean press by interfering,” the press corps said in a statement.

The reporters also called on the South Korean government to protest the North Korean action, saying the government meekly stood by during Pyongyang's wrongful behavior.

According to the press corps, North Korean officials inspected the journalists’ computers one by one, confiscating some laptops and flash drives before returning them a day later.

In the past, the communist country has often accused the South Korean press of slandering its political system and leadership.

Hundreds of North and South Koreans were able to hold brief family reunions at a North Korean resort last week. The families had been separated since the end of fighting in the Korean War more than 60 years ago.

Jee Abbey Lee contributed to this report, which was produced in collaboration with the VOA Korean service.