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Journalists Reporting for VOA Azerbaijani Service Injured in Ukraine

One of the two injured journalists, Idrak Jamalbeyli, who reports for VOA’s Azerbaijani Service, interviews a Ukrainian soldier.

Two journalists reporting for VOA’s Azerbaijani Service, Idrak Jamalbeyli and Seymur Shikhaliyev, received shrapnel wounds Saturday when a booby trap left by Russian soldiers exploded as they were reporting in the previously Russian-occupied trenches near the village of Myrne in the Mykolaiv region of Ukraine.

Ukrainian volunteers were showing Jamalbeyli and Shikhaliyev extensive trenches dug by Russian troops in the area when the explosion was set off by a trap left behind by the departed Russian soldiers.

Jamalbeyli was wounded by some shrapnel in one of his legs, and one of Shikhaliyev’s arms was hit, also by shrapnel. Both are recovering, and they did not sustain serious injuries. One of the Ukrainian volunteers also received light wounds on his face.