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Kenya Election Commission Reports High Turnout

People reported standing in line for several hours before casting their vote in Kenya’s general elections in Gatundu, Kenya, March 4, 2013.” (J. Craigs/VOA)
Ahmed Issack Hassan, chairman of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), announced late Monday that voter turnout in Kenya’s general election was high and that preliminary results will be digitally relayed in real time.
Polls in Kenya's election officially closed at 5 p.m., but long lines compelled the IEBC to extend voting at certain stations.

“The voter turnout has been overwhelming," said Hassan. "By 5pm this evening our indications are that over 70 percent have turned out.”

The vote was not without sporadic incidents.

At least thirteen people, including five police, were killed in election-related violence along Kenya’s coast. Officials are blaming two separate attacks in Mombasa and Kilifi on the secessionist Mombasa Republican Council.

“Despite what happened last night, no further incidents of security have happened. We want to commend Kenyans for keeping the peace," said Hassan.

Election observers around the country also reported some faulty voter identification equipment. Some polling stations were short of biometric registration kits, while others lacked the power supply to sufficiently charge them.

The IEBC says it will continue to broadcast provisional results as ballots are collected and tallied around the country.