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Kenya Continues Search for 2 Missing Ugandan Helicopters

NAIROBI, Kenya — The Kenyan military says emergency teams are searching for two Ugandan army helicopters believed to have crashed in central Kenya. Poor weather is complicating the rescue efforts.

Three helicopters had gone missing in Kenyan airspace Sunday after taking off from an airbase in Entebbe, Uganda, en route to Somalia.

Kenyan military spokesman Bogita Ongeri said Kenyan rescuers reached one of the helicopters, after it made an emergency landing in the Mount Kenya area, and safely recovered all seven people on board. Ongeri said rescuers continue to search for the other two helicopters.

“Up to now, the two, we have not sighted them but we are suspecting that they are at Mount Kenya and the weather is not very good, it's not clear, and that is what, to a certain extent, has jeopardized our operations,” he said.

Despite the challenges, Ongeri said rescue workers are determined to continue with the search.

A fourth helicopter traveling with the others made a safe landing in northeastern Kenya.

Kenyan authorities say the Russian-built MI-24 attack helicopters were being sent to Somalia to bolster African Union forces fighting militant group al-Shabab. Kenya and Uganda provide the bulk of troops serving in the AU force, known as AMISOM.