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Kim Jong Un Scolds Meteorologists for 'Incorrect Forecasts'

FILE - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un gives field guidance to the Hydro-meteorological Service.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has publicly scolded his country's meteorologists, saying they are giving too many incorrect weather forecasts.

The official Korean Central News Agency says the rebuke came during a recent visit by Kim to the North's Hydro-Meteorological Service.

The report said the meteorologists received "field guidance" from the young leader, who is often portrayed as having boundless knowledge on everything from the arts to nuclear science.

Pictures posted online showed the attentive and stern-faced workers receiving a lecture from Kim, who lamented that "meteorological observation has not been put on a modern and scientific basis" in his country.

Kim complained that "only when meteorological observation and forecast are done properly is it possible to protect the lives and properties of the people from disasters caused by the abnormal climatic phenomenon."

The impoverished state has been hit this year by its worst spring drought in more than three decades, leaving thousands of hectares of crops damaged.