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Egypt Strives to Return to Normalcy

  • Lauren Frayer

An Egyptian man sells popcorn to people walking outside the national TV building in Cairo three days after Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak stepped down, February 14, 2011

Egypt’s military is laying out a timeline for transferring power to an elected government.

Egypt’s military said it will rule for six months, until elections are held. But protests, sit-ins and strikes have stalled efforts to get Egypt back to normal life, after President Hosni Mubarak left office.

Tuesday is a public holiday for the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday. Banks are shut and the Egyptian stock exchange is still closed, as well.

Military rulers issued a communiqué asking citizens to bear with them.

A spokesman says citizens and unions should do their best to create a climate that allows the military to run the country in difficult times, until power is handed to elected civilians.

An independent committee is drafting amendments to the constitution, which the military vowed to support. The public is expected to vote on them in two months.

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