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London Migrant Protest Turns Chaotic; Smoke Bombs Hurled at Police

This camp in the Calais area of northern France holds about 6,000 migrants who are fleeing war, political turmoil and poverty outside Europe and are hoping to find better lives in Britain..

Projectiles including smoke bombs were thrown at police Saturday outside a London train station where a protest to highlight the plight of migrants seeking refuge in Britain was taking place, transport police said.

Protesters decried the detention of migrants who walked along the Eurotunnel to Britain and those who have died at the French port of Calais, a posting on a website called "Calais Migrant Solidarity" read.

There is currently a camp in the Calais area of around 6,000 migrants fleeing war, political turmoil and poverty outside Europe.

Pictures on a news website showed over a dozen police holding protesters behind metal gates placed in front of an entrance to London's King's Cross St. Pancras station, from where Eurostar trains to continental Europe arrive and depart.

Images on Twitter showed protesters holding a banner inside the station reading: "Close Down Yarl's Wood and All Detention Centres," referring to the center where new arrivals await immigration clearance.

British Transport Police said in a statement that they had been facilitating a peaceful protest at the station when others arrived.

"Around this time a number of other individuals arrived at the station causing disorder, and missiles, including smoke bombs were thrown at police officers," police said.

The Daily Mail reported on its website that up to 150 protesters had tried to enter the station. Transport police were not immediately available for comment.

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