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Louisiana's 'Cajun Navy' Comes to Houston's Aid

Louisiana's Cajun Navy members prepare to head to Houston, Texas to help with post-hurricane recovery efforts in this photo posted on the group's Facebook page.

Members of the "Cajun Navy" volunteer group traveled from Louisiana to Houston to assist rescue efforts in the wake of unprecedented flooding, the group announced on social media.

"Okay Texas The Cajun Navy from Louisiana is enroute to Dickinson. We have been given the GREEN LIGHT to enter your area," the group's leader wrote in a Facebook group dedicated to rebuilding efforts in Houston.

The group has already posted multiple photos, videos, and various updates of their convoy and initial rescue operations in the Houston area Sunday. Dozens of trucks and boats are seen arriving in Texas, and the group has continued to call for more volunteers to join.

The unofficial group of volunteers formed last year to rescue victims stuck in flooding that hit the Louisiana city of Baton Rouge.

"We the people of Louisiana refuse to stand by and wait for help in the wake of disasters in our State. We rise up and unite and rescue our neighbors!" their "about" section on Facebook reads.

Unprecedented rains in southeastern Texas caused by hurricane Harvey have left thousands of people stranded, with rebuilding efforts expected to take years