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Malawi Mob Burns 7 Over Human Bones

Police in southern Malawi say a mob has burned to death seven men who allegedly possessed human bones to be used for witchcraft.

The head of the Nsanje district police force, Kirby Kaunga, told reporters Wednesday that the mob rounded up the victims Tuesday and then set them on fire.

Police are investigating but have not made any arrests.

A police spokesman said the bodies were so badly burned that identification has been difficult.

Trade in human remains is outlawed in Malawi, but a lucrative black market exists for the body parts of albinos, which are used in withcraft rituals in several African countries.

Albinism is caused by a genetic disorder that gives people pale white skin and yellow hair.

At least six people with the condition have been killed in Malawi since December 2014.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP.