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Spokesman: Abdulla Yameen Wins Maldives Election Run-off

Presidential candidate Yaamin Abdul Gayoom, a brother of 30-year autocratic ruler Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, gets his finger marked with indelible ink before casting his vote in Male, Maldives, Nov. 16, 2013.
Abdulla Yameen won the Maldives presidential election run-off on Saturday, the spokesman for the outgoing leader said, beating favorite Mohamed Nasheed in a close-run contest that voters hope will end nearly two years of political turmoil.

The result, yet to be confirmed by the Election Commission, represents a victory for the political old guard that united behind Yameen, a half-brother of Maumoon Abdul Gayoom who ruled for 30 years and was deemed a dictator by rights groups.

Imad Masood, spokesman for outgoing president Mohamed Waheed, said Yameen had won more than 51 percent of the vote. “Four more boxes are yet to be counted, but they won't make any difference to the final results,” he told Reuters.